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Financial Planning

Today, your hopes and dreams are no different than most people’s were fifty years ago. You probably want to buy a home, put your children through college, and retire with a comfortable income. But the world has become a more complex place, especially when it comes to your finances. You may already be working with financial professionalsan accountant or estate planner, for example—each of whom advises you in a specific area. But if you would like a comprehensive financial plan to help you secure your future, you may benefit from the expertise of a financial advisor.

Comprehensive financial planning is long-range planning. It presents a strategy for the accumulation, maintenance, and eventual distribution of your wealth in a written plan, to be implemented and fine-tuned over time.

A financial plan is a collaboration and results in an ongoing relationship. Since the plan is goal-based and values-rooted, both you and your Kentucky Bank advisor will participate in its creation. There are shared responsibilities between them. That continuing engagement promotes commitment and a view of success.

Your comprehensive financial planning considers the entirety of your financial life. Your assets, your liabilities, your taxes, your income, your business – these aspects of your financial life are never isolated from each other. Occasionally or frequently, they interrelate. Comprehensive financial planning recognizes this interrelation and takes a systematic, integrated approach toward improving your financial situation.

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