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Estate Planning

Consider estate planning that can benefit you and your loved ones.

Regardless of your level of wealth, estate planning is a vital part of your overall financial plan. Planning ahead can give you greater control, privacy, and an opportunity to leave more of your legacy to your loved ones.

Through estate planning, you can instruct your heirs to supervise and distribute your assets in the manner that you prefer, while planning to minimize costs that might pop up. Tax reduction, unified credit, gifting, charitable remainder trusts, life insurance replacement, business succession…investigating these topics and more may reveal ways to save taxes and retain more of your hard-earned wealth. Let us help you prepare your legacy.

Key Estate Planning Documents You Need

There are five estate planning documents you may need—regardless of your age, health, or wealth:

  1. Durable power of attorney
  2. Advanced medical directives
  3. Will
  4. Letter of instruction
  5. Living trust

We’d like to help you review and refine your current estate plan or assist in creating one for the benefit of you and your loved ones.  For more information on estate planning or other wealth management opportunities contact us at 800-467-1939.

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