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Kentucky Bank can help manage the financial changes in your life. Whether you are planning for future investments or retirement, our easy-to-use financial calculators will be a great asset to you.

PLEASE NOTE: All financial calculators are third-party links and are not controlled by or under the control of Kentucky Bank. Kentucky Bank is not responsible for the content, results, accuracy of information, ability to use or security of any linked page. All loan calculators are intended to provide approximate information about loans and loan payments and do not constitute an offer to extend credit. Actual payment information may vary. Please contact Kentucky Bank for exact payment information or to determine if you qualify for a loan.

You may be aware that Equifax was breached. To learn more, please visit Please notify us if you see anything that looks fraudulent on your account. Kentucky Bank debit card and other MasterCard customers may also sign up for free ID theft monitoring by visiting

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