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Tips to safeguard your information: Use Strong Passwords and Good Password Security

As the public increases its use of mobile banking apps, the FBI anticipates cyber criminals will exploit these platforms.

Cyber criminals regularly exploit users who reuse passwords or use common or insecure passwords. The FBI recommends creating strong, unique passwords to mitigate these attacks. Kentucky Bank requires users to make passwords at least 8 characters or longer.


  • Use passwords that contain upper case letters, lower case letters, and symbols.
  • Use a minimum of eight characters per password.
  • Create unique passwords for banking apps.
  • Use a password manager or password management service.


  • Use common passwords or phrases, such as “Password1!” or “123456.”
  • Reuse the same passwords for multiple accounts.
  • Store passwords in written form or in an insecure phone app like a notepad.
  • Give your password to anyone. Financial institutions will not ask you for this information over the phone or text message.

 If Your Online Banking App Appears Suspicious, Call the Bank

If your online banking app appears suspicious, or if you see suspicious activity in your accounts, exercise caution and contact customer service. For your protection we will ask you to verify your personal information, but will never ask for your username and password over the phone. If you receive a phone call claiming to be from Kentucky bank that seems suspicious, hang up and call us back at 1-800-467-1939.

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