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Kentucky Bank understands the significant impact that the Coronavirus pandemic is having on many of our consumer, small business, and commercial bank customers. We continue to work with those impacted, providing a variety of solutions that make the most sense for meeting their particular needs.

SBA Payroll Protection (PPP) Loans

Kentucky Bank is accepting SBA Payroll Protection Program (PPP) applications. We encourage our eligible businesses, including farmers, to participate. To learn more about PPP Loans, click here. To request an application, please fill out and submit the form below or call us at 800-467-1939. We're here to help you and your business.

Other Solutions

We know this environment is negatively impacting nearly every business. We may have other options to help you navigate through this period. If you are concerned about repayment, please contact us so that we can talk with you about the solutions we can provide. We want everyone to get through this as soundly as possible. We welcome your call at 800-467-1939.

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