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Kentucky Bank offers a variety of savings accounts. We want you to feel confident with your money and help you reach your savings goals. Whether you’re saving up for a house down payment, wedding, college fund, or just a rainy day, setting a goal gives you something to work towards. Use the comparison chart below to determine which savings account best suits your financial needs.



Minimum to Open
Interest bearing?

Savings Advantage

Description : This is a great option for people who want to earn a higher interest rate, but want to keep their money liquid.
Minimum to Open : $10,000
Interest bearing?

Basic Savings

Description : This is a good option for someone trying to begin to build up their savings.
Minimum to Open : $50 (click the Learn More button above for minimum balance requirement)
Interest bearing?


Description : Looking to apply online? This is the account for you.
Minimum to Open : $50
Interest bearing?

Triple Crown Savers

Description : This unique savings account is a great way for your children to learn the importance of saving.
Minimum to Open : $50
Interest bearing?
Day: Thu - Hour: 17