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Overdraft Protection

Occasionally, you may have expenses too large for your checking account to absorb. We offer three types of overdraft protection coverage:

Private Line*

An overdraft line of credit, which requires a loan application. Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) items are covered up to the value of the line of credit. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance of the line of credit. Your checking account can be automatically charged for your minimum monthly payment. Outstanding balances include overdrafts covered, balances from previous months and interest. If you wish, you may pay your balance in full, monthly. See your Retail Banker to apply for a Private Line overdraft line of credit.

Check Protection*

Arrangements can be made to automatically transfer funds from one of your other Kentucky Bank deposit accounts to an account that has an NSF item transaction, for a transfer fee. Please refer to the fee schedule. This service must be set-up in advance of a NSF item transaction. Please speak to your Retail Banker about designating which accounts you would like transfers to come to and from.

Kentucky Courtesy*

This program is a discretionary, non-contractual courtesy for qualified account holders. We MAY approve your overdrafts up to a $750 deficit balance, including our standard NSF/OD fee per item presented, as applicable. This program is a discretionary courtesy and payment of your NSF item is NOT guaranteed. Click here for the Kentucky Courtesy Discretionary Overdraft Policy.

*You can only have one type of overdraft protection.

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