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Bill Payment FAQs

Reminder:  Business addresses change from time to time. It is important that you periodically verify the remittance addresses for your payees within Bill Pay.

Q. How do I verify an address in bill pay?

A. Click on the payee, then click the Details link.  The Details screen will appear, and you will see the current address that you have for that payee. Next, check the remittance address on your bill; sometimes the remittance address and the return address are different. If you would like to change to address in your bill pay records, click Update and save your changes. After you change the address, you will receive an email from Customer Care Center notifying you that a change has been made.

Q. When are funds received by my payees?

A. When you enter the amount you are paying, you will see a Pay Date box to the right of the Amount box. The date in the Pay Date column is date the funds reach the payee.

Q. What are Electronic Bills?

A. An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view and pay online. Instead of being sent to your home mailbox, eBills are delivered to your personal Kentucky Bank bill pay account. If you have a bill from a payee that offers eBill you will see an icon by the company name in your payees. The eBills contain all of the same information you’re used to seeing on your paper bills. Once you have signed up to receive an eBill, you can turn off your paper bill and streamline your bill paying routine. In addition, eBills can be printed or filed online for record-keeping, if needed.

Q. Is Kentucky Bank’s bill payment system secure?

A. Absolutely Paying and receiving bills online is more secure than mailing paper checks. And when you use a bank website or portal powered by Fiserv to pay and receive bills online, your protection is guaranteed in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays. Please call our Customer Service Center for more information 800-467-1939.


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