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Mobile Pay

Mobile Pay at Kentucky Bank

Mobile Pay at Kentucky Bank.

You can add your Kentucky Bank Debit MasterCard® to the most popular mobile wallets—Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, and Samsung Pay®. A mobile wallet is a “wallet” on your mobile device, instead of in your back pocket. A mobile wallet can be on your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. It’s a simple solution for making secure, easy mobile payments.

For step-by-step instructions on adding your Kentucky Bank debit card, choose your preferred wallet:
Apple Pay®  |  Google Pay™  |  Samsung Pay®

So, why might you want a mobile wallet? Mobile Wallets provide a convenient way to pay for goods and services with your mobile device. They make your cards harder to steal or copy than physical cards and cash, because your actual card number is not stored on your device. When you make a purchase with your mobile wallet, a virtual token is used to transmit your payment so that your card number and identity aren’t shared with merchants. 

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Ready to start using mobile wallet? Choose your wallet to get step-by-step instructions for adding your Kentucky Bank debit card:  Apple Pay®  |  Google Pay™  |  Samsung Pay®


Your card number is encrypted and never stored or shared with retailers.


It’s easy to add your Kentucky Bank Debit MasterCard® to your phone, tablet, or watch.


Paying is as easy as a touch, tap, or click with your mobile device.

Click here to see the Mobile Payment (Digital Wallet Provisioning) Terms and Conditions

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