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Online Banking Security

Due to the dramatic rise in threats and the sophisticated nature of cyber-crimes, there is not one single solution for online banking security. Kentucky Bank takes numerous steps to keep your accounts and personal information safe and secure, and you also play a role in maintaining the security of your banking information. Below are some additional tips for keeping your online banking information secure.

  • Create a “strong” password or pass phrase that is between 8-17 characters that includes a combination of mixed case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • No family or work information in the password.
  • Change your password and security questions frequently.
  • NEVER share username and password information.
  • Avoid using an automatic login feature that saves usernames and passwords.
  • Do not use public or other unsecured computers for logging into Internet Banking.
  • Check your last login date/time every time you log in.
  • Review account balances and detail transactions regularly to confirm payment and other transaction date.
  • Report any suspicious transactions immediately.
  • Take advantage of customizable system alerts.
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