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Kentucky Bank provides mortgage loans for personal residences, vacation homes, or income units. We offer a variety of rates and terms to meet your specific needs. Ready to get started? Apply Now. Learn more about the types of home loans we offer below or contact one of our lenders for more information.

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      Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan

      A fixed rate loan’s interest rate does not change throughout the life of the loan, and the monthly payment of principal and interest does not change. This loan type is perfect for customers that want the security of a stable principal and interest payment and plan to stay in their home for more than a few years. We offer a variety of terms on our fixed rate mortgage loans.

      Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan

      The Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a mortgage loan that has a fixed rate for a certain number of years and then adjusts to the current market rate after the initial period. This loan may be a good fit for someone who is not planning to stay in a home for more than a few years.

      Home Construction Loan

      Construction loans are designed to help with the process of managing and building a new home. The loan is short term and the rates are fixed. Construction loans are available for contractor built homes.

      Bridge Loan

      A Bridge Loan is designed to help purchase a home using the equity from an existing residence. This may allow you to purchase an additional home before the sale of your current home is completed.

      RHS Guaranteed Loan Program

      Kentucky Bank utilizes the RHS Guaranteed Loan Program to make housing more affordable for customers in rural areas. Possible 100% financing through this program if you qualify. This is a fixed rate loan.

      FHA Fixed Rate Loan

      Kentucky Bank, offers Federal Housing Association fixed rate loans to customers who qualify. FHA loans are perfect for customers who have a small down payment.

      VA Fixed Rate Loan

      The Veterans Assistance (VA) fixed rate loan was developed as a resource for Armed Forces veterans. These loans are for customers that are veterans allowing them to find affordable housing at a good interest rate.

      Jumbo Home Loan

      Kentucky Bank offers a variety of fixed-rate Jumbo loans. If the home you are purchasing is over the value of conforming loan limits, we have a solution. A jumbo loan from Kentucky Bank provides financing for loan amounts higher than the maximum limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Ask us for more information today!

      Manufactured Home Mortgage Loan

      A Manufactured Home Loan is a mortgage designed for buying or refinancing a manufactured home with land.

      Welcome Home Customer Assistance Program

      We are committed to serving our communities’ housing needs. The Welcome Home Program is a resource for assistance with reasonable down payment, closing costs and credit counseling incurred with the purchase of primary residences for borrowers who may need this type of assistance.

      eHome America

      Kentucky Bank Supports Smarter Homebuyers. eHome America is an online homebuyer education course designed for first-time homebuyers. Features include:

      • Complete at your own pace
      • Animated videos covering all materials
      • Easy-to-read content with highlighted keywords
      • Quizzes throughout course to ensure understanding
      • Instant access to local homeownership counselor
      • Printable certificate at end of course

      Cost: $99 – Pay with any credit card or Debit Card

      Counseling services provided by Community Ventures Corporation’s HUD certified homeownership center.

      Click here to begin your registration and your path to homeownership!

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