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Treasury Management Products and Services

Our suite of treasury management solutions includes:

Business Online Banking

Are you looking for a more efficient way to manage the financial operations of your business?  Our Business Online Banking service will help manage payables, receivables, access funds, and streamline reporting.

  • 24/7 365 access
  • Safe and secure
  • Establish multiple users with varying authority levels to give trusted employees or partners access to your business accounts with advanced user and management settings
  • Generate, view, print, save, and export a wide variety of balance, transaction, and payment reports
  • Download account history into accounting software to manage your finances
  • View current activity & check “real-time” balance
  • Review account history
  • Issue Stop Payments (discounted rate applies)
  • Access to check images and up to 24 months of eStatements
  • View intra-day activity, including incoming wire and pending ACH transactions
  • View paid checks and images of your deposited items
  • Find transactions quickly with our integrated search feature
  • Set up and receive account alerts to monitor and manage your money at all times
  • Schedule both one-time and recurring transfers and payments between all of your KY Bank business accounts
  • Send secure messages via online chat with our Treasury Management Operations team

See the Business Online Banking tutorial and live demo here

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Business Bill Payment

Save time and money by paying any company or individual in the U.S. online with Business Bill Payment. Secure, fast, and easy, it provides you with a convenient and safe way to organize your bill payments. This service allows you to:

  • Pay bills electronically that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit
  • Make payments in seconds, and your payments will be delivered in as little as two days
  • View your payment history
  • Schedule payments when it is convenient for you — make one-time or recurring payments
  • Receive email reminders for when bills are due
  • Get your bills delivered to you online through e-Bills

Business Online Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are the fastest, most convenient way for your business to move funds quickly and securely around the world.

  • Send available funds quickly for a purchase or other business need
  • Originate Domestic, International, and Foreign Exchange (foreign currency purchase contracts) via the online banking portal
  • Built-in safeguards, such as your per­sonal identification number (PIN), ensure the accurate, safe, and confidential transfer of funds
  • Dual control with designation of individuals to initiate, approve, and release a wire transfer
  • Save time and reduce human error by reusing previous wire transfer input information

Positive Pay

This product works to reduce your exposure to check and ACH fraud.  With Positive Pay, you can notify us electronically of checks authorized for payment.  Each night, we will compare checks presented for payment against your list of authorized checks and present any exceptions for your review.

  • Monitor and detect unusual check and ACH activity using filters and blocks
  • Review images online to make pay/not pay decisions on potentially fraudulent items
  • Reduce losses due to fraudulent activity
  • Add security to your business and promote peace of mind

View the Positive Pay tutorial here

Sweep Accounts

Use excess funds to “sweep” every night to reduce your line of credit balance, or “sweep” to a business savings account to earn interest until those funds are needed.

  • Use excess balances to pay down a line of credit
  • Invest excess funds to increase interest income
  • Manage cash flow more efficiently

Remote Deposit

Deposit checks for your business without leaving your home or office with Remote Deposit Capture.

  • Faster funds availability
  • Extended hours for deposits—until 5:45 PM EST. (Deposits made after 5:45 PM EST—effective date of the deposit(s) will be the following business day)
  • Reduced trips to the bank
  • Reduce administrative time with deposit preparation
  • Check images, available 24/7 for bookkeeping
  • Secure and user friendly

View the Remote Deposit tutorial here

    Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

    Reduce your administrative costs and save valuable employee time. Our ACH origination services let you make and receive payments automatically. Pay vendors and suppliers, schedule and manage payroll, make automatic debiting available to your customers and more, all while adding convenience for your customers and efficiency for your company.

    • Implement one time and recurring payments for all your needs, such as payroll, taxes, and supplier invoices
    • Move funds to other bank accounts; including ACH credit and debit transactions.
    • Improve efficiency and accelerate cash flow
    • Minimize paperwork
    • Mitigate risk using our online platform, and secure file transmission solutions.
    • Reduce the costly expense of paper checks
    • Same-Day ACH Availability

    View the ACH Manager tutorial here

    Business Credit Cards

    Increase your money management capabilities and set spending controls for employees. You will receive detailed monthly bank statements for easy account reconciliation, expense reporting, and identification of tax deductions. There is no annual fee on our business or personal credit cards.

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    Merchant Processing

    In today’s market, running a business means more options for you and your customers, especially when it comes to payment acceptance and added layers of security. Prepare your business for anything with Kentucky Bank’s Merchant Account Services.

    • Accept payment in-store, online, or through a mobile device
    • Provide software and E-commerce solutions for your internet-based business sales
    • Access information to manage your credit and debit card sales with our web-based reporting systems
    • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) of food stamps and other cash or cash-like benefits
    • Check verification & guarantee services
    • Electronic check conversion option
    • Offer gift cards from your business
    • 24/7 Technical Support by calling 1-877-260-8193
    • Government and municipality competitive solutions
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