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Accessibility Guidelines

Kentucky Bank Digital Accessibility

Kentucky Bank strives to make digital accessibility a priority on our website, mobile apps, and any other digital platforms (collectively, “Digital Platforms”) that we make available to our customers. Our goal is to provide all individuals access to the content, features, and functionality of our Digital Platforms without barrier.

We have taken numerous steps to make our Digital Platforms accessible. Through regular monitoring and testing, we will continue to implement commercially reasonable changes to improve accessibility.

If you are unable to access any content, features, or functionality available on any of our Digital Platforms, or would like to provide us feedback about accessibility at Kentucky Bank, please email us at or call us toll-free at 800-467-1939. We will make reasonable efforts to address the issue, which may include providing you alternative methods for obtaining the content, accessing the functionalities or features, and/or fulfilling your requests. Please do not include your account number or any sensitive personal information in any email correspondence.

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