Report Lost/Stolen Card

Mobile Banking Security

What can you do to protect your information?

  • Download the official app from the Android Market or iTunes store.
  • Take advantage of your phone’s security features by setting a password. If your phone is lost or stolen, it will protect your private and secure information. Utilize the password features and automatic screen locks on your mobile device.
  • Treat your mobile device with the same level of security as you would your computer by downloading security patch updates. Updates will often fix known security flaws.
  • Contact your carrier for antivirus software available for your phone.
  • Download apps from trusted sources. Check app ratings and read reviews thoroughly.
  • Keep Bluetooth turned off and use only when necessary. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned off when conducting any mobile banking transactions or inquiries.
  • Only open email and attachment from trusted sources. SMiShing attacks use text messages with links in an attempt to obtain your login user name and password. Kentucky Bank will never ask you to send confidential information including account numbers and passwords via texts (SMS). SMS is not encrypted. Sending accounts numbers and passwords will leave you vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Do not send confidential information in email or text messages. Confidential information includes your PIN, bank account numbers, social security numbers, online banking passwords, etc.
  • Delete messages that contain account information. For example, account balances and posted transactions.
  • Report any suspicious incidents relating to mobile banking. If you have questions or concerns regarding the authenticity of our mobile banking site or any of the services within the mobile banking product, please contact our customer service representatives at 800.467.1939.
  • If your mobile device is lost or stolen, it is unlikely that someone could access your account information unless they also have your user name and password. However, to be safe, please call us at 800.467.1939 so we can revoke your mobile access. You can also login to your online banking and revoke online access from your mobile phone.
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